SAADF 2023

23 - 26 February | Stellenbosch

The South African Aerial Dance Festival 2023

The festival is a “choose your own adventure” program of aerial acrobatics, aerial dance, and circus classes and workshops. The four days will be hosted at Flying Fitness in Stellenbosch, from Thursday 23 February to Sunday 26 February.

There are three components to the festival:

#1. Classes

This is the heart of the festival. Classes occur every day for 4 days, at the same time– allowing for more immersive learning, with each day building upon the last. You buy festival class passes for these-- or, starting 11 Feb, you can also book drop-ins.

Class options are Regular, Immersions and Samplers. 

#2. Taster Workshops

These are once-only workshops, so unlike classes, these change each day. These workshops allow you to get a quick 75-minute "taste" of a specific kind of aerial, circus, or movement art. Think of it as the sprinkles on top of your classes ice cream sundae.

They are paid for individually (separate to the festival class passes). 

#3. WIP "Open Mic" Showcase

On Saturday, we'll host an aerial/dance/circus "open mic," open to anyone in the community (even those not attending/affiliated with our festival).

Performers are prompted to talk about their creative process and then present a work in progress (WIP). It’s an opportunity for the audience/community to look “under the hood” at how different acts get made. Come with questions and an open mind!

Want to sign up to perform? Just let us know by the morning before (Friday morning)!

Want to watch? Great! The event is open to all & free to attend.