Community & Social media

With your permission we will add you to a WhatsApp group so you have each other’s numbers.

In addition, over the course of the retreat, please use the following social media hashtags:

#SAaerial #aerialfestSA

Accommodation, Food, & Transport

You are responsible for your own accommodation, food, and transport. That said, once you’ve booked and paid for your spot, we’ll add you to the WhatsApp group, which you can use to organize lifts or other room shares. In addition, here is some reference information:


  • For out-of-towners, the nearest airport is located in Cape Town, and Ubers will cost ~R200-R250 each way. You may use the WhatsApp group to coordinate arrivals and split costs. You can also rent a car at the airport.

  • Stellenbosch central town is about 12-15 min drive from Flying Fitness. Ubers will cost about R130 each way. (You may be able to split with other students though!)


Accommodation can get tight (and pricey) in late February because Stellenbosch is busy then. We recommend you therefore book earlier rather than later.

  • Check out normal booking websites like Booking, Airbnb, Afristay, and Travelground.

  • Stellies locals have also mentioned a Facebook group called "Secondhand Stellenbosch" that gets good traffic. People usually post long-term stays there, but you could post a message to see if anyone has a spare room they'd rent out for a few days!

  • Finally, you can post on the festival WhatsApp group to see if anyone wants to share a room/Airbnb with you, which may save on costs.

Food / Lunch

  • If you're not taking any workshops, then there is a 2.5 hour midday break between classes, so you can take a luxurious lunch at Spier Wine Farm, find some festival friends to share a group lunch in town, or bring/pick up something quick from Woolworths (about 8 min away).

  • If you ARE taking workshops, then you'll still generally have 45 mins before and after the workshop to grab food. However, you might choose to simply bring lunch on workshop days, to make food admin easier for you!

  • For dinner recommendations, we'll ask some locals and put up some recommendations here, closer to the time of the festival.

Suggested packing list

Here’s what we recommend everyone bring:

  • Long sleeve shirt & long pants (like leggings) - We know it’s hot, so feel free to wear a tanktop and shorts, but please bring long layers for specific moves that demand it!

  • Water bottle

  • Snacks

  • Towel

  • A notebook & a pen - To take notes during the classes!

And some optional extras:

  • Aerial performance costume - If you’re doing the Act Creation Immersion and want to look snazzy for the Day 4 performance.

  • A tripod / selfie stand - To take videos of your sessions so you don’t forget what you learned!

  • Your own apparatus - If you are attached to your specific one! (No judgment - We are particular too!)

  • Yoga mat - For the warm-ups and cool-downs. Again, the venue will have mats for you, but you might want to bring yours anyway!

  • Dry Hands - For you extra-sweaty peeps. We prefer it if you don’t use normal climbing/gymnastics chalk or rosin on bar apparatuses (lyra/trapeze) though.

  • Candied ginger - If you tend to get nauseous… This definitely helps for those spinning classes!

  • Extra padding - If you’ve got knee/elbow guards or back warmers as extra layers, bring those along!

  • Lunch - If you want to take workshops, the lunch break will be a bit shorter for you, so you might just want to pack lunch.