Classes & Workshops


Classes are the heart of the festival. They occur every day for 4 days, at the same time—allowing for more immersive learning, with each day building upon the last. To attend classes, you have to buy festival passes.

Class options are Regular, Immersions and Samplers. (See class descriptions here.)

  • Regular: 1 hour 15 min classes on a specific apparatus, usually suitable for students of various levels. These cost 2 credits, from your festival pass.

  • Immersion: 2 hour classes on a specific apparatus or theme, usually suitable for intermediate/advanced students to really “go deep” into a specific apparatus or technique. These cost 3 credits, from your festival pass.

  • Samplers: Two samplers (Ground and Air), where each day will focus on different apparatus/props, sometimes taught by various teachers. These classes are basically "regular" classes of 1 hour 15 mins, and cost 2 credits from your festival pass.


Workshops are once-off sessions, so feel free to take one, all, or none of them alongside your regular festival classes. They change topics and instructors each day.

Who's teaching?