⚠️ When choosing your passes and/or workshops, remember that the festival is four days long, so make sure your body can handle what you’ll be putting it through! 

See the FAQs here for some tips to prep for it!

Festival classES: passes & DROP-INS

Casual Pass

Full-On Pass

Addict Pass

Individual Class Drop-Ins (bookings now open!)

The festival classes were designed for people to attend all 4 days of classes, as curriculum often builds upon itself. However, we know some of you can't take days off work, so if there are remaining free spots in any of the classes (check availability here), then from 11 Feb, you may book individual drop-in classes, for all classes except Act Creation. Normal prerequisites apply, so if you're a beginner, make sure you're booking into classes that accept beginners!

Here are the costs: 


Thurs: Workshop 1

Fri: Contortion/Flexibility with Jenny Le Roux

Sat: Juggling with Donna Kisogloo (TBC)

Sun: Floorwork with Leda Botha

WIP "OPEN MIC" Showcase: FREE!

On Saturday, we'll host an aerial/dance/circus "open mic," open to anyone in the community (even those not attending/affiliated with our festival).

Performers are prompted to talk about their creative process and then present a work in progress (WIP). It’s an opportunity for the audience/community to look “under the hood” at how different acts get made. Come with questions and an open mind!

Want to sign up to perform? Just let us know by the morning before (Friday morning)!

Want to watch? Great! The event is open to all & free to attend. No ticket needed.

payment Instructions

Step 1. Make payment by EFT or PayPal

Name: T D Thord-Gray

Bank: FNB

Acc Number: 62735775796

Acc Type: Cheque

Branch: 250655

Reference: Name + Type of Pass

Don't have an SA bank account? 

No problem! We also accept PayPal to

Step 2. Send POP to Toni & Charlie

Send your Proof of Payment attached to and

Step 3. Book your classes!

For class passes: you can book your classes using the form here.

For individual classes, please check availability here and then EMAIL US to reserve your spot.



If we (the organizers) cancel the event, we will refund you as much money as possible. However, we will charge a small cancellation fee purely to try to cover costs that we already paid, as well as to compensate the guest instructors and the venue for blocking out time in their calendar. This does not at all compensate us for any time spent organizing the festival etc; it only means we won’t be taking a massive financial hit.  

However, since we know it sucks to pay a cancellation fee for a global pandemic none of us can control, we will try to make it up to you by sending you some video lessons of some of the spinning techniques, flow sequences, and act creation prompts we WOULD have taught at the retreat. At least you’ll get something!


If you have to cancel due to COVID, you’ll need to send us a positive COVID test. In that case, we will charge you a flat R700 cancellation fee, and then refund you the rest.