class descriptons

Lyra - immersion (int/adv)

Instructors: Toni & Charlie

This will be a four-day exploration through the full aerial hoop (lyra) landscape, with a 50/50 focus on technique and flow. On the technique side, we’ll cover how to start and keep your spin (including how to flare); how to use momentum to ace various rolls and drops; and how to activate (or relax) the right muscles to make tricks and transitions easier. On the flow side, we’ll show you how to “throw your aerial voice” to execute sequences with intentionally varying styles–from slick, staccato rhythms; to smooth, buttery spins; to strange, “uglyra” flexed-foot vibes. 

Silks - immersion (all levels, including total beginnners)

Instructor: Jes & Nadia

Whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced aerial artist, we will be broadening from wherever it is you are, and to help you grow there-on upwards!

Learn sequences with single and double foot locks, hip-keys and basic drops including variations for the more intermediate to advanced. For intermediate to advanced students, learn how to add dynamic movement into your sequences using drops, beats and utilizing the bounce of the silks.

Beginners: learn to climb, double foot lock, hip-key and combos.

Intermediate - Advanced: let's clean up your technique and introduce you to new pathways.

Dance Trapeze - regular (int)

Instructor: Charlie

Trapeze is an interesting apparatus because it combines two worlds: the “horizontals” of lyra, with the flexible  “verticals” of silks/rope. We’ll spend Day 1 investigating how some simple tricks translate across those apparatuses and getting used to the specific way a trapeze moves. On Day 2, we’ll play with spin, including how to “whip” a trapeze around. On Day 3, we’ll begin to move into “dynamics,” working specifically on beats, swings, and rolls. Finally, on Day 4, we’ll rig the trapeze like a static/non-dance trapeze, with the ropes separated– allowing us to explore the world of more “classic” circus trapeze, including working in catcher’s position and roll-up wraps.

P.S. Please bring a pair of shorts! Some moves (e.g. knee hocks on the ropes) are much easier if you have bare skin for grip.

Ground Circus Sampler - regular (all levels, including total beginners)

Instructors: Toni, Jenny, Caitlin, Claire & Marissa

Circus isn't just about aerials! So rest your grip and biceps, to instead try a range of "ground" disciplines, one new discipline per day: Thursday Poi (taught by Caitlin), Friday Handstands (taught by Jenny), Saturday Hula hoop (taught by Toni), and Sunday partner acro/acroyoga (taught by Claire & Marissa). 

On the acroyoga class in particular: Marissa & Claire will turn your world upside down with the playful practice of AcroYoga, which combines elements of yoga with elements of acrobatics and healing arts, such as thai massage. Through their clear instructions they’ll teach you how to base, spot and fly and break down fun moves into simple steps to help you trust, and experience the dynamic flow of AcroYoga.

Choreography / Act Creation - immersion (all levels)

Instructors: Toni & Charlotte

We’re extending our most highly-rated class at the Aerial Retreat 2022, into a whole festival-long immersion. Learn to build an initial 30-to-60 seconds of choreography and then morph it into your own. 

The process will be weird and maybe a bit uncomfortable: We’ll lead you through constrained improvisational sessions to discover new transitions. We’ll ask you to try on different movement styles and characters. We’ll ask you to do things backwards, slowly, super quickly, higher up or lower down.

Through that process, you’ll have the opportunity to refine, extend, or totally rescript your mini-act, and then (optionally) perform it at the end of Day 4. 

P.S. Never done this before? No worries - We’re here to help you create something for the very first time!

P.P.S. Regular performer? We challenge you to spend the time building the act you’ve always wanted to create, the one nobody would pay you for because it’s “not commercial,” or the one that wouldn’t do well in competitions because there are no big tricks. Create something for yourself.

Aerial Sampler - regular (beg/int, including total beginners)

Instructor: Toni

Feeling indecisive, and want to give all the things a try? Spend each day working on a different aerial apparatus: Lyra, Trapeze, Silks, and Hammock. This is a multi-level class, with absolute beginners through to intermediate welcome. (The content will be adapted to suit your particular level.)

Hammock (Sling) - regular (beg/int)

Instructor: Charlie

This is a tricks- and technique-based class, with each day building on the last. As this is a multi-level class, the curriculum may be adjusted based on the final participant makeup. However, here’s the plan: On Day 1, we’ll explore the fabric itself, including how to use the stretch, bounce, and width of the hammock to execute certain basic tricks. On Day 2, we’ll use momentum to exaggerate the stretch/bounce, to do beats and rolls. Day 3, we’ll play with low-flow hammock spinning sequences. Finally, Day 4 will be a “pick your own adventure” day in which more advanced students will get their hammocks raised higher to execute dramatic silks-style wraps and drops; while more beginner students will relax with an aerial/antigravity yoga style flow that melds ground and air.