What should I bring?

Head over here for a Packing List.

Can you help me with transport and accommodation?

You'll have to organize all that yourself, but find some guidance here.

Is it four full days?

OH YES IT IS, and it is a jam-packed four days. The festivities start with warm-up at 8:30am on Thursday, and don’t stop til the last class ends at 7pm on Sunday.

So make sure you don’t schedule a late flight on Thursday/Sunday or you might miss out!

What level of aerialist is this for? Am I too beginner or too advanced for it?

Please see the Class Descriptions section for more information about the level required for each class.

How should I prepare ahead of the festival, to make the most of it?

If you’ve never been to an aerial festival before, we are so excited to make this your first! That said, it’s a pretty intense series of days, in which you’re likely training way more hours than you would normally.

To prep for this, we’d recommend working on three things in particular:

  • Improve your spin tolerance - Spin tolerance is something you develop over time, and it’s difficult to rush, so if you go into the festival with zero ability to spin, you probably won’t be able to take advantage of the spinning sequences or technique classes. Develop spin tolerance by trying to hang, invert, and then do 1-2 simple moves while spinning. Start by aiming to get 10-15 seconds of spinning movement. Then try to up that by 5-10 seconds each day/session. We recommend doing this at the END of your training so you’re not nauseous for your whole practice session.

  • Improve your grip strength - For many aerial festival-goers, hands/ grip is the first thing to go (before other muscles). Improve your grip by literally doing dead hangs for as long as possible, on both bar and rope/silks. Aim for a 1-2 minute dead hang with both hands, or 30 seconds on one hand. (This is very difficult – but is a good stretch target.) Remember to engage your shoulders during dead hangs!

  • Get a short sequence in order (for Act Creation immersion participants only) - You don’t need to have a combo/sequence ready for the Act Creation part of the retreat, but it would help. Aim for 30-60 seconds of choreography. (This 30-60 seconds does not need to all be airtime; you can spend 20 seconds dancing, writhing on the ground, or building tension.)

What apparatuses will you have for Act Creation? Can I bring my own?

We will definitely have lyras, trapezes, silks, and hammocks. However, we can rig up any apparatus you want for the Act Creation immersion, including your own specialty one. (And no judgement for wanting to use your own version of things - Charlie is a pernickety about working on her own lyras, so we 100% get it!)

Plus: the prompts/work we’ll be doing should work across all apparatuses (ground or air!), and between the two of us instructors, we’ve had experience working across a pretty wide array of disciplines: trapeze, silks, hammock, harness/bungee, rope, cloud swing, stilts, fire, poi, hula, and various invented apparatuses.

Will there be an opportunity to perform?

Yes, but only if you take the Act Creation immersion class. In that case, on the final day, you will be given the opportunity to perform what you put together over the four previous days.

What is the minimum age for attending?

The classes and workshops are designed for adult participants. All adults and young adults (aged 15 and up) can sign up for classes or workshops, without prior instructor approval.

However, if you are a parent and your child (under age 15) would like to attend, please contact us separately with your preferred class list, and we can check with the instructors on whether your child may attend.

Can I book private lessons before or after the festival?

Perhaps. These should be organized individually with the instructors, who will let you know their private lesson pricing, venue and availability. (It’ll likely not be at Flying Fitness.)

What happened to Aerial Hoop Retreat?

In 2022, we launched the Aerial Hoop & Hammock Retreat, but found that we were spending more time organizing the logistics of food/accommodation rather than putting together a kick-ass aerial/circus event. We also struggled to find a gorgeous venue with sufficient height, space, and safety requirements (e.g. crash mats) to make the event Instagram swoonworthy and still financially feasible for us.

We will forever be grateful for the space Hohm Yoga provided us, but ultimately it wasn’t something we could afford to repeat… at least for now. We’re still low-key hunting for a venue that might work in the future, and we’ll of course let you know if we do.

For now, we’re incredibly excited to trial/offer this festival-style event, very much inspired by the European and American circus festivals we personally loved attending!